we are the demosene

Who We Are

We are Trepaan, a demoscene group that started way back in the early 90's.

In 2019, we've returned to the demoscene after a 20 year absense with new blood, productions and more fun than ever! If you'll enjoy our productions at least 9.37% as much as we had making them, you'll be in for a ride!

Our Members

Here, have a cocktail. Its a fine mix of old farts and new blood...


Founding Trepaan member, organizer, coder and allround lovable guy.


Worthless bitfiddler and poor excuse of a designer.


Our new coding talent and sweetheart.


Our new artist and dragon fetishist.

Method / Okkie

Worthless Musician, Fashion Collector and the Demoscene's favorite teddybear.

Our legends

Marvin, Buggle, Lenz, Kork, Neliz, Feroc, Gnom and Tycoon.

Our Works

We create demos, products, and experiences that people either love or hate...

Keep In Touch

Feel free to contact us at: