we own the demoscene
(about $0.10 and change)

Who We Are

We are Trepaan, a demoscene group that started way back in the early 90's.

In 2019, we've returned to the demoscene after a 20 year absence with new blood, productions and more fun than ever! If you'll enjoy our productions at least 9.37% as much as we had making them, you'll be in for a ride!

Our Works

We create demos and experiences that people love and hate...

Our Members

Here, have a cocktail. Its a fine mix of old farts and new blood...

Sjaak / Rho

Founding Trepaan member, organizer, coder and allround lovable guy.


Bitfiddler / Titfiddler (depending on time of day) and a poor excuse of a Designer.


Our new coding talent and sweetheart.


Our new artist and Dragon Fetishist.

Method / Okkie

Out-of-Work Musician, Fashion Collector and the Demoscene's favorite Party Guest.


Marvin, Buggle, Lenz, Kork, Neliz, Feroc, Gnom and Tycoon.